How To Prepare For The Perfect Camping?

by groupvatid on Jan 10, 2022

How To Prepare For The Perfect Camping?

Camping with family and friends is really unique fun. Being close to nature, being awakened by the singing of birds in the morning, and falling asleep with the bonfire and moonlight in the evening, is so beautiful. So how can camping be perfect?




  • Walmart, Amazon can buy
  • Each tent will be written for several people, but if you want to have more activity space, it is recommended that two people travel to buy 4 people tent and above, and one person should buy 2 people tent and above.

 2.Easy Up (Optional)

  • It is mainly used to prevent rain and things falling from the tree, you don’t need to bring it.
  • It can be placed on top of a tent, or sit underneath to block the sun on a hot day.

 3.Air Matress

  • Choose size according to the size of the tent you bought.

 4.Sleeping Bag

  • It will get cold after night, so remember to sleep bag
  • Some can make two sleeping bags zip together into one. If you need it, you can choose this
  • Sleeping bags are divided into thickness by temperature, so choose according to where you go and the local temperature
  • Of course, bring pillows, eye masks and the like, so it’s early in summer and you can get a good night’s sleep.




  • If you want to cook your own food at any time and have a BBQ, then you must bring a grill.
  • Correspondingly, bring coal charcoal or natural gas propane bottles as energy.
  • Remember to bring a lighter, so that it is convenient to start a fire.

 2.Propain Stove

  • Usually it’s convenient to boil hot water or to cook an egg for breakfast


  • The food you want to bring in advance can be stored in the cooler.
  • Of course, if you want to keep cold, you have to buy ice.


  • Plastic plates/cups/forks/spoons/knifes straws-the most basic dining utensils
  • Tin foil/food preservation bag-can preserve food
  • Plastic gloves + food container + seasoning + all kinds of meat + bamboo skewers-friends who like to make domestic barbecue must check it out
  • Water/scissors
  • detergent-You can use this to wash the food container after eating


  • Food can be purchased in the supermarket before entering the national park.
  • It is recommended to purchase prepared semi-finished foods, such as bread, ham, instant noodles, sauces, eggs, mineral water, etc.
  • You can purchase a large bag of marshmallows and forks. The sweet marshmallows are so suitable to enjoy with friends under the stars!




  • Choose yourself to sit in a comfortable folding chair, watch the campfire on the camp site, or go to the beach.

 2.Bug spray

  • Prevent mosquito bites.

 3.Bug bite itch relief

  • If you are bitten, you can use this to relieve it.

4.First Aid kit

  • For example, if you accidentally step on the glass in the wild, or get burned by a campfire or grill, it can be used as a good first aid.

 5.Flash light

  • It can be lighted back and forth between the toilet and the camp site when walking at night in dark


  • Lights up after dark, used for lighting can also attract mosquitoes (battery, fuel)

 7.Vatid Portable Power Station + Jumper cable

  • Generally, there is no electricity supply in the camp site, but what should I do to inflate the air matress in the tent? Just use this!

 8.Personal daily necessities

  • This depends on what you are used to, my personal suggestion is to bring more wet wipes.
  • Many camps in national parks now have very good facilities, flushing toilets and drinking water. Many national park camps in the forest also have public bathrooms.
  • National parks in the desert do not have bathrooms. Flush toilets and drinking water are guaranteed. It's not easy already.
  • Care products including sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, paper towels, wet wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, feminine hygiene products, etc. can all be brought.


  • A basic point of packing camping luggage is to reduce the amount of luggage as much as possible.
  • Generally large suitcases are used to hold tents, air beds, sleeping bags and some odds and ends.
  • The space of an ordinary 7-seater SUV after knocking down the last two seats can fully accommodate all of the above plus a box of drinking water and some snacks.


Vatid hope everyone can enjoy perfect camping. If you have any good ideas, please leave a message and let us know.