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Why Do We Go Camping?

by groupvatid 10 Jan 2022

Part 1:Reasons for camping


Why you should escape this city and become a nature lover?

You may be wondering: why go camping? This is one of the best ways to see outdoor activities, but maybe you don't like dirt, bed bugs or outdoor activities. You should camp at least once in your life.


The city gradually expanded its borders and encroached on the surrounding farmland and forests. Due to the expansion of modern society, animals and plants become extinct every day. The government’s conservation efforts may be able to reserve a lot of forests and public land for future generations to enjoy, but they cannot prevent the lines waiting to enter these places from becoming unbearable. Camping requires a crowded open space to experience it.


As a result, opportunities for unforgettable camping experiences are dwindling. What better reason to go camping instead of enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of nature? As popular outdoor destinations need to be booked a year in advance, the feeling of being outdoors is getting lost in the crowd. More and more people need to camp or travel long distances in the off-season to find peace or loneliness.


There are many reasonable reasons to escape the routines of daily life, and camping facilitates the escape of many of us. We all need to return to nature from time to time, and we can all benefit from our daily rest. Sitting by a campfire under a clear sky, gazing at the stars, and listening to the sounds of the night can strengthen our bodies, soothe our minds, and restore our spirits.


Camping is awakening the vitality of tired urbanites!


Part 2:Benefits of camping


Camping has many benefits for everyone, and you and your family can enjoy these benefits outdoors:


  • Decompression: Leave the oversold schedule at home. When you are camping, there is no place to go at a certain time, and nothing can disturb you or compete for your attention. The natural result of this setting is stress reduction and relaxation, just like you can't find elsewhere.


  • Fresh air: You may not realize how scarce fresh air is in your daily life. When you go camping, you will smell the wonderful scent of the outdoors and the scent of cooking over an open fire.


  • Build relationships: One of the best and most important aspects of camping is how it helps you build and strengthen relationships. When you go camping with friends or family, you have the opportunity to talk and visit undisturbed, even late at night.


  • Physical fitness: Camping time is physical fitness time. You pitch a tent, gather firewood, and go hiking. At home, we often lead a sedentary life, and this does not promote physical health. When you are camping, you can't help but participate in sports activities to increase your heart rate.


  • Unplug the power: Camping is a great opportunity for everyone to get rid of their screen. Outdoors, you can't find a computer, tablet or TV, there are many other things you can do without electronic equipment.


  • Culinary delicacies: Food cooked outdoors tastes better. Cooking food on a campfire, campsite barbecue grill, or luxury cabin kitchen cannot be replicated when eating at home.


  • Connection with nature: When you are camping, you have the opportunity to contact nature, contact wild animals, and see the stars under the bright lights of big cities. There is nothing better than this. As you explore the many benefits of camping, make sure you and your family have the opportunity to be in contact with nature.


  • Educational opportunities: For children, the time spent on camping is the time spent on learning, which is one of the reasons why the Boy Scout program is so valuable. They help children learn new things, including fishing, cooking, hiking, knotting, making fires, safety, first aid, etc.


  • Family relations: Camping is beneficial to children and their families because it can help strengthen the connection between family members, siblings, parents and children, and many more. You will feel stronger when you go home.


Part 3:Camping stories of others


We collected some answers to the question "Why camping?" on camping forums, and many people answered their experiences. Below we will share these reasons with you, hoping to inspire you to enjoy outdoor activities.


  • Ralph Rawlings--"It's interesting, it's cheap, its speed has changed, it's different from the usual'driving, staying in a hotel' type of vacation."
  • Noah--"Camping is the only time I can begin to understand what life is and how it fits together. It is a renewal of my soul and a recharge of my existence. If I happen to do this on a motorcycle, then more good".
  • James--"I like to be outdoors. I don't like wearing shoes. The coat is for dogs. Camping makes me proud, grateful and appreciated. I mean, I can actually live outdoors without electricity. I like it. Noisy My life, phone, computer, buzzer, traffic, I like it, when the chirping bird wakes me up before the sun rises, it is now an alarm clock, camping makes me very humble. That night, when there was lightning above You feel really small when it’s lightning-like, and camping put my feet on the ground and jumped up in my steps.”
  • Charlotte--"The thing I can say about camping is that no one would do it, so I missed the most unforgettable family experience. As a family and good friends, most of our best memories are campfires. , We met some of the most interesting people and saw many beautiful places because of camping."
  • Ethan Waston--"Camping teaches resilience, it builds courage, it teaches us our strengths and weaknesses, and doing so will make us productive people."
  • Emma Garcia--"No matter how busy our summer schedule (with five children and two working parents), we always participate in a family summer camping trip. There is nothing that can provide an opportunity to focus on the family. We like the lack of TV, telephone and High quality time for computers, as others have written, some of our most memorable experiences as a family are camping at the same time."
  • Sophia Grayson--"Twenty-five years ago, I started with three children, with very little money, but willing to travel and spend a pleasant holiday. Camping fits this bill. In those years, I looked for all the facilities and places with lots of activities Children, they grew up, moved out, got married, had children, I was still in the camp, in the tent that I went with at home, when I was alone, in my Volkswagen van, I Most of them are national parks, because I usually want less activities and noise, and more quiet thinking time. I learn more about the natural world by experiencing it, rather than when I am in school. "
  • Jacob--"There is nothing like bacon and eggs, pancakes and coffee cooked and eaten outdoors, cooking on vacation, you know more than you know, including the occasional bear, and it’s good to be close to God on these quiet nights .Looking at his creation, this is very important for family teamwork-while learning some survival skills."
  • Daniel--"The first reason you meet people camping."


After reading the above, maybe you still feel that camping is not your business, or you want to experience it. Try outdoor camping-enjoy luxury camping outdoors, such as tent cabins, trailers and yurts and other country-style accommodations. As far as I am concerned, even if you don’t like camping, you should try camping at least once.


If you have other sharing about camping, welcome to contact vatid.

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