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How to organize outdoor and indoor Halloween parties?

by groupvatid 20 Oct 2021

Are you looking for ideas and tips for setting up outdoor and indoor Halloween parties? We can help! An outdoor Halloween party will help to ensure the safety and health of your guests as we continue to practice social distancing during COVID-19.

Ask your guests to wear their best Halloween costumes, grab some snacks from the grocery store, and then decide on some hilarious Halloween games. It's even easier to share some of our favorite Halloween games with kids and the rest of your family. There is something for everyone at the party!


Outdoor party

  • With lighting, you can set the mood

Fall brings shorter days so it is worth adding some lighting to ensure your guests see where they are going, and can also see each other while they are socializing. Solar path lights can be used to direct traffic. Festive string lights can provide soft lighting for outdoor areas. Here you can use VATID Portable Power Station for continuous power supply.


  • Plan an outdoor movie night

Set up a movie theater in your backyard, provide comfy seating and popcorn. You can also hand out candy to the audience. There are many nice-to-haves that can make outdoor movie watching more enjoyable, such as theatre-style popcorn boxes or colorful melamine dinnerware for serving the nachos. But there are two things you must have: a projector and a screen. Separate speakers are a must if you value sound quality or have a large backyard. Most projectors only have poor audio.


A few lawn blankets can make a nice surface for sitting, but a few chairs are a good option for back support. Even if you already have a good selection of deck chairs and pool loungers that are comfortable, a lower-to-the-ground option will make it more enjoyable to take in a full-length feature.


  • Foods

Instead of sharing snacks, make sure you serve small plates to your guests this Halloween. You can reduce the amount of food that your guests eat by serving classic BBQ appetizers such as burgers and skewered vegetables. A caterer can help you create a memorable dining experience by providing safe and professional food handling so that you can enjoy the Halloween celebrations.


Indoor party

  • Decorate your House in a Big way


You can channel your Christmas decorating spirit to celebrate Halloween with pumpkins, lights, and other creepy sights. Grab some black, orange, or white lights. Make black cats and witches hats out of construction paper. Then, find pumpkins to decorate the porch. For more creepy decor, get the kids involved in making giant spiders.


  • Food

There are two types of Halloween-themed food: creepy and cute. Creepy includes fake blood and lots of slimy eyes. This is not something I find appealing.

Okay, the spider pizza bagels might be a bit creepy but I think the mummies, monsters, and mummies are adorable.

This Halloween party food ideas platter is spooky, but not too frightening. If the kids don't like these Halloween snacks, you can make a cheeseburger or chicken pizza. Children, you know.


  • Music

People often think of classic Halloween songs and the first that comes to their minds is "Monster Mash" from Bobby 'Boris. Many other songs will get you into a good mood, besides this one.

By the way, Google has many Halloween songs to search for devils, witches, monsters, hobgoblins, ghosts, aliens, the supernatural, and other eerie themes for kids and adults alike.


  • Makeup

Pumpkin lantern is a traditional horror show for Halloween, so with the traditional witch dress, cloak, top hat, black cat puppet, you can complete the most classic Halloween dress.

Using the popular element of vampire, the skin is disguised as pale, two pointed fangs, and the bloodstains of the bright red fuel at the corners of the mouth will make the makeup more realistic.

Zombies are also one of the popular horror elements. The lips turned into Luo Liu's teeth, the eyes were smudged with smokey makeup to create a deep silhouette, and the face was made up of rotten flesh, and with dirty and shabby clothes, it was a cannibal zombie.

If you want to see more unique Halloween looks, you can search on YouTube or INS to follow the tutorials.


  • Games


Halloween is a time for fun, and parties are a great way to celebrate! We have enough Halloween party games for everyone, whether it's for teens, adults, kids, or the entire gang. You don't have to spend hours looking for Halloween ideas. All of our top-rated Halloween games for kids and adults are here in one place. Let's see it!



  • Pop the pumpkin

Do you want to kick off Halloween with a bang! It doesn't matter if you have to spend money on your Halloween fun. The Halloween "boos" will be kept at bay with this pop goes the pumpkin game!

This version of a classic carnival game also makes a festive wall decoration, and bursting the confetti-and-candy-filled balloons in this Halloween party game will make everyone explode with laughter. This classic balloon popping game can also be used as a wall decoration at your party.


  • Halloween Story Game

Invite children to your party by including the beginning of a ghost tale in the invitations. Ask them to bring a story to share at the end.

Listen to all the endings, then let guests vote for their favorite. Find inspiration from the origins of these spookiest Halloween creatures.


  • Apple Pass

Split guests into groups and place each member on a team.


Each team's first member is awarded an apple under their chin. The apple must be passed from one team member to another without using hands until all members of the team have the apple.


If an apple falls, it must be re-started from the beginning.


The team that successfully passes the apple down its rows of members wins. Find the best place in each state to pick apples, and get the best of the greatest apples.



  • Conclusion

Vatid will not be MISS any important moment in your life. We hope everyone will have a fun and unforgettable Halloween memory. If you have more ideas and suggestions about the Halloween party, you can share them with us at the bottom of the blog!

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